Dental Implants



When my dentist Ben Withers suggested I attend the hygienist, I was a little uncertain. No doubts now however. The treatment I receive from Jim is most beneficial.

Joan Dickie


I have recently had cosmetic veneers and whitening performed by Alistair. I am delighted with the results and all of my friends and family have commented on my new smile. Gleaming white teeth work wonders for your confidence.

A Mansbridge


I’ve had my implants now for nearly three years and to be perfectly honest it’s one of the best things I’ve ever had done.

I usually become a nervous wreck as soon as I sit in the dentist chair with eyes shut tight from start to finish but Alistair Martin’s attitude, knowledge and pleasant manner gave me confidence to trust him 100%. He explained in great detail what was being done and more importantly why...he just makes you feel completely at ease.

The end result was fantastic and I certainly would not hesitate to recommend him and his warm and friendly staff.

Caroline McMunn

After wearing a denture for more than twenty years I had a front tooth implant. After a few consultation and examination visits, it was completed. At no time did I suffer any pain. The aftercare from Alistair Martin and his staff was excellent. I wish that I had undergone this treatment years ago.

E Fallis

Alistair has been my dentist for 26 years. When my front crowns were nearing the end of their life, the thought of having to wear dentures was distressing to say the least. After much deliberation and information, I decided to go ahead with four implants. My mouth was only slightly swollen for two days and there was absolutely no pain.

I love my new teeth – they look fabulous and natural.

I cannot recommend Alistair and his team highly enough.

Anne McLean


I’d like to say how delighted I am with my new veneers. I’ve had lots of positive reactions from friends . This time I went a shade whiter- with a bit of persuasion from Margaret- and glad she did.

Jane Richmond


I have been having Botox for several years now but I recently visited Alistair Martin at Martin Dental Care for the first time. The procedure took moments to perform and was virtually pain-free. I did not experience any side effects and left the premises with little more than a blemish on my forehead.

I plan to make a return visit in the near future. The aftercare is very good and the staff are very professional.

A Mansbridge